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The old Carpe Wiki, located on Wikispaces, has now closed! The wiki there has been deleted and purged.

Our new Wiki can be found at and all relevant community links have been updated to lead to the new Wiki. Don't forget to update your own bookmarks and links accordingly! If your puppet's profile information links to the Wiki, that will need to be changed because the old link won't get you much of anything.

ALL PAGES AND FILES from the original Wiki have been moved to our new location at Wikidot and all page names are the same, so all you should need to do is change the 'spaces' to 'dot' in the URL and you should be good. Your Wiki coordinator has done her best to ensure that everything has been transferred completely with all images and links intact. If an image appears to be broken on the new Wiki, it was like that on the old Wiki. Older pages have been altered slightly to reflect changes in page layout standards, and other minor changes have been made where coding could not be replicated but no information has been changed.

If you have any questions, please refer to the updated help page, the Wikidot help page, or contact the mods either via email or by commenting on this post. If you notice that a page or anything else is missing, please contact the mods and let us know!
Yuletide | Facepalm

*facepalm to end all facepalms*

Guys, I owe you all a most sincere apology.

Last spring, I got a teaching contract that included a long commute every day, and just lost any energy to write.

Then this summer, I had to deal with several moves and had a hard time keeping up, though I tried to get back on the ball sporadically.

This fall, I'm again saddled with intense teaching.

I don't know what to say.

If you guys think I should drop entirely, I will do so gracefully. If you would like me to hang on to some guys nominally, I will do so with the caveat that I will be very slow at times.

Now, my semester ends in two weeks (it's very condensed), so in theory after that I'll be on EI and should have lots of time to tag, but I don't know how much I'm able to tag.

The other thing is the drops. With Ref leaving us, several of mine lost CR - on the other hand, she left while I was off the grid myself so I can handwave the grieving, I suppose?

Anywho - I'd like to ask people who are still in the game to tell me who needs to stay on my roster, and who can be allowed to fade away. I currently have over 30 puppets... it was something I could keep up with in the past, but at this point in my life, with work and family to handle, my roster actually kind of overwhelms me. I think if I were to trim it down, maybe I would angst less at the sight of my current tagload.

Which brings me to my last order of business... I currently have a few notifs on hand - I will reply to them and given their age, if you want to fade them... I'm good with that - and would in fact prefer it, respecting current circumstances.

If you want to assume things and etc with regards to mine, just let me know here. Unless your assumption is grossly OOC, I'm more than likely to be fine with it, but I'd like to know. :-)

Love you all, miss the game, hope to find ways to get back on the ball,

Wil of the 209320830928309283028 puppets.
Carpe Mods

A Very Important Announcement!

Attention all members of Carpe_ho_ras!

I'm sure that you are all familiar with our game Wiki. Unfortunately, recent policy changes at Wikispaces mean that shortly, only educational Wikis will be supported there as free accounts, which means that shortly, that Wiki will close.

But there is good news! We are moving! Our new game Wiki can be found at ! A button to join can be found at the top of the side bar and enter the password 'carpe-rox' to gain access to the new Wiki.

Please update your bookmarks accordingly and remember that if your character's bio on their journal profile is linked from their Wiki page, those links will soon be broken! Those links will need to be updated as well (it's easy, just change 'spaces' to 'dot' and you're good). Also if you wish to post that information directly to your character's LJ profile or back your page up in a journal post, now is the time.

Unfortunately, the syntax used to create pages is different on the new Wiki. Not everything, but just enough, so that every page transferred needs to be translated before posting to ensure that there is no broken code. While your friendly neighborhood Wiki coordinator is transferring pages just as fast as she can, any help you can provide will be welcome! Please see the templates listed on the front page of the Wiki to see where the code differs between the two Wikis as you transfer your pages, and please make sure to give your new pages the same names as the originals so that none of our links get broken. And don't worry too much, a backup of the original Wiki has already been created, and all of the files (such as your pictures) have already been transferred to the new Wiki.

Please help spread the word and pardon our dust as we make this transfer. If you have any questions or concerns about the new Wiki, transferring your pages, or the new Wiki syntax, please feel free to ask here. Thanks, and we hope to see you on our new Wiki!
close up

Carpe! I have missed you!

First off, I offer sincere apologies for going on such a long hiatus. After losing my brother in May, we began the process of moving my mother to the town we live in. It entailed sorting through 79 years of accumulation, an estate sale and putting her home on the market. Not to mention moving what belongings she kept 7 hours away and setting her up in a new home. And while I'm so glad to have her near where I can care for her, caring for her is time consuming. Once the kids began school again, I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever have a break.

Things are finally calming down though. And I seriously miss my fellow players, this game and my characters. Realistically, I know I'm going to have to drop some of my puppets, but I am back!

I can't help but notice the game is -- quiet. And that Ref had to leave. I am sad.

In the next few days, I'm going to decide who I'm going to drop, and hopefully talk to those of you left in the game in comments here? And poke the Hive Mind.

Tell me how you all are!!

So many butthearts,
Black rose

Bidding a sad farewell

This isn't an easy post for me to write: I'm sad to admit this, but real life has been getting too real for me lately, and it's killing my muse for RP (which, I admit, hasn't been that strong the past several months, due to a really bad bout of creative dryness following a series of illnesses, but I digress...). I just got laid off from my job of thirteen years due to out of control corporate greed that is destroying my company; if you've heard news items about a grocery chain in New England where the beloved CEO was ousted by a conniving relative on the board of directors and how his workers and the customer base rose up in his support... that's my company. I really don't want to quit here, but I just don't have the energy for RP, or at least not with the number of characters I've got here.

I've made some good memories here, and I will treasure those. But all things sadly must come to an end. I wish you all the best of luck. May we meet again, if not here, then in another RP universe...
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This weekend, my eldest daughter is getting married. And a week later, my younger daughter is graduating from high school. I realize I haven't been around already, but with summer upon me and the kids out of school, I'll have way more free time.

Miss you all! ♥
~ Shar

She lives!

So.... I'm so sorry guys that I'm still so very sporadic. My contract got extended until mid-May, and I only found out this week, while I was scrambling to wrap up grades and temporary report cards! It's a good thing, of course (one must eat, after all), but it also means my sporadicness is going to persist for a little while longer.

I'm going to do all I can to catch up this weekend. If anyone wants me to wrap up things, or handwave things, or whatever, you let me know, I am, as you know, amiable to anything in that respect. :-)

Much love to you all,


Edit: In the interest of getting current, I may suggest summarizing things and doing more current things in the mingler I posted earlier, if people don't mind! :-)

Holy Crap, It Lives

Hello everyone. I'm alive, barely, but I'm here. For anyone that may have joined since I was last around, my name is AJ and I was, for a while a long time ago, playing Dean Winchester. And then I dropped off the face of the planet.

It's been a hell of a year, and while I have never forgotten Carpe or the players and characters here, I always intended to come back, dust off this journal, and catch up on all the things. Obviously, that never happened and I am so, so sorry to everyone I dropped the ball on. I never meant to.

Rather than just fading off into the mists I thought it would be better to come back, let you all know what happened, and do a proper "I have no idea when I'm coming back, if I'm coming back, should this be goodbye?" If I ever have the time and energy to play here again I would very much like to do so, but I can't guarantee when, or if, that will be and I also don't want to continue holding up people who want to move on around me and Dean.

So that is the state of the AJ, I miss you all, and I hope your lives both online and offline are treating you well. <3